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MBA 2nd Semester

MBA 2 nd Semester data will be uploaded soon as I recieve them.
Subjects are

1. MIS -  Managing Information System
download from this website  written below !  Case Study 1 , 2 n 3 and Chapter 1 Slides   
Operated by Our Subject Sir Irfan ! Contains all Case Study and Subject notes .

2.  Financial Management 
a) Slides/Notes 12 edition by Van HORNE , Complete book chapters Slides
Download - Click me 

b) Solution Manual - 12 Edition by Van horne
Download - Click Me

c) Check Sir Bilal's Official Notes stuff on Financial Management

3. Micro Economics

a) Slides /Notes of Micro Economics 12edition by Michael Perkins.
 Download - Click me 
54 mb file size , Compressed in .RAR , Install WinRAR to decompress 

Click the pic to VIEW it

4. Principles of  Marketing
This Subject notes are similar to those of 1st Semester
Marketing subject notes. Kindly download from 1st Semester section of Marketing subject , Thank you

5. Cost Accounting / Managerial Accounting

6. Inferencial Statistics

MBA - 1st n 2nd n 3rd Semesters
Complete Information regarding Subjects / Credit hours and MBA 2 year / 3 year confusion , Read out this link.